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Intune Education first look


Remember to get Intune Education to work properly you need to enable School Data Sync (SDS). You do that here:

Lumagate has also created a how to get SDS up and running with Microsoft Classroom here:

Device enrollment admins per school

Great news you can now specify enrollment admins for different shools. No more global admins. Your IKT kontaktlærer  (IT staff) can manage his/her school. It is not live yet but comming in April.


Here is the new Wizard to set up your school:


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Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics – False positive

The scenario here is that a company has hired an external consultant. The consultant was on vacation and sick for a total of about 1 month.

Once back at work he started accessing the system and doing this work. Immediately ATA became suspicious and sendt out an alert.


ATA flagged the behavior as abnormal due to the consultant being away for such a long period of time.


This said, a lot of companies are not closing down consultant accounts after they are done working. Some keep them open waiting for “next incident” and some just forget to remove them.

ATA can help you to keep track of this and alerts you if a old consultancy account is stolen.

Intune for Education portal

Yay, the new Intune Education Portal is live. you find it here:

It has:

  • Role-based security (create admins for a region or school)
  • HTML5 support
  • SDS integration
  • Granular deployment for schools
  • ++++ much more


If you do not have access, just wait. You get a notification in the old silverlight portal when you can migrate.

Dont want to wait; simply create a new trial to check this out:


More info here:


Minecraft Education Edition Activation Emails

If you have ordered Minecraft Education Edition on EES you will get an activation email which places your licenses in Windows Store for Business

The sender is: Microsoft Online Services Team

One mail is for Faculty


One is for Students


Remember to open your browser in “incognito” or “in-private” mode Ctrl+Shift+P (Edge or IE) then shut down all other browser windows before you click the link. this way you prevent your licenses from ending up in the wrong place.

Thinking about Rubber Spray – Liquid Gum?

Some of you have probably seen cans with rubber spray or heard about a spray that you can spray on and peel off. Guess what, it is all true and it works great!

I bought a can of it at Jula

Remember this before you start:

  1. Try first, try in on a similar material
  3. Buy enough cans, you have limited time to apply after each coating

The spray does not work if you do not put enough coatings, you will not be able to remove it properly. If you are coating a rim, buy some extra cans. You don’t have time to go back to the shop if you run out and it could be very hard to remove the coating

Pictures below from a showel I tried it on. Videos below pictures show both a coarse surface and a smooth surface


Coarse surface – showel:

Smooth surface:

Tesla Model X 6 seat configuration – skis

If you are thinking about which seat configuration to get with your Tesla Model X, here is a picture of the 6-seat version which allows for skis to be positioned in the middle while keeping the second row seats.

You might ask yourself, why not a ski hitch? For me, two simple reasons

  1. I had to buy it extra
  2. My skis will get incredible dirty from the drive


In the bag there are 2 pair of Telemark skis which are about 170cm long. There is plenty of more space for even longer Cross Country skis or Snowboards. You could even keep one third row seat up and allow for 5 passengers.

Use the security mesh to hold down and stow away the skiboots in the deep part of the trunk.


Towing with Tesla Model X – 7 pin adapter

The Tesla Model X comes with a new 13-pin female connector and most older trailers have a old 7 pin male connector.


You need to buy an adapter at Biltema or Jula.  Here is the adapter you need

When you insert the adapter try to push the original lid behind the plastic bottom case as in the picture. This is the only way to get the adapter to fit the plug without the original lid getting in the way.

Once you have connected your trailer and hooked it up, go into the Tesla and make sure that Towing mode is on

Once you connect a cable the car automatically enters into “Towing mode” if it does not do this, go to:  Controls->Driving->Towing Modetowing-mode

Once you have on towing mode, go drive. You can use your rear view camera to keep an eye on your trailer

How to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial

If you want to get Minecraft Education Edition Trial this is what you need to do:

Note, this solution is for the free 25 licenses trial and does not use windows store for business for deployment

First make sure you have this:

  1. Office 365 Education Account
  2. User with Office 365 Education Faculty License Assigned

Download Minecraft EE here:

Save the Zip file and right click on the “InstallMInecraftEducationEdition” and select “Run as Administrator”


This will happen:


Start Minecraft:


Login to minecraft and accept eula

Now you have 25 test licenses to showcase Minecraft Education Edition:


Go ahead and set up your world to play.

First time playing? Download a tutorial world here:


Deploy OneNote learning tools with Intune

Great news, Learning tools come as an MSI package!

This is how you use Intune to deploy OneNote learning toolslearning-tools-bar

  1. Download the tool from
  2. other-downloadmore-info
    you can change language to Norsk

    save it
  3. go to


If you are updating machines use the following argument:


If you are installing fresh use the following argument:

  • LearningTools.msi /quiet /norestart


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