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EVE sleep sheets – low quality


Once I got the sheets I had a feeling that the craftsmanship was sub par. At that point I could not quite put my finger on it, but after three cycles in the washing machine at 40 degrees with 800 RPM my suspicion was confirmed.


This is the program:


The Eve sheets have a longer seam length than my other “normal priced” bedding. This “longer” seam means that there are less supporting points and thus it is weaker. The seam where the sheet opening for the duvet is also not reinforced like on my other normal sheets:

The craftsmanship on buttons to close the duvet opening is also not very good. Several of the openings were too smal and I hade to apply a lot of force to get the button through. the buttons are also only 2 holed. most buttons on heavy duty equipment are 4 holed for added strength.

On the positive side, there are a fastening strap for the duvet.

But overall, you are better of getting proper sheets from your store. These sheets are just really bad quality and the color is again only boring white.


EVE sleep pillow and casing

Foam pillows are special and I have always wanted one, but just never got around to switch out my down pillow, until now.

The Full package:

At the a great price you get the Eve foam pillow, duvet (dyne), and the mattress. So I did just that. In addition I decided to get the full bed linen package, the full deal and the real Eve experience. I mean if this is their core business it has to be good.

The Sheets are plain white cotton and looks like hotel sheets. The linen seem is okay and the touch of the material is okay. I don’t think it is as high thread count and soft feel of hotel sheets but it seems okay. I have to try it.


Color of your choice:

There is only white, which means that I will not get more sheets as white is boring. I would not get these sheets for a larger bed either again since white is boring. Picture below does not feature the Eve bed sheet as I am using a jersey stretch sheet instead, I should switch. Just not right today 🙂


But is it any good?

I have to try it for a night or three. Eve recommends 30 days but I am not tormenting myself for 30 days. I am going to return this if it does not fell okay soon or significantly better every day. There is a 30 day trial on the pillow.

EVE mattress return – or mabye later.

Returning the mattress aka Home Trial:

So, I am looking at the order confirmation mail. No plain instructions on how to return the mattress. I now created a simple mail and sent it to


tracking mail
Wrong email. Eve said they will fix it shortly


When the mail bounced I got really scared. Is the whole thing a scam?


I browsed their web and found the “right address” it is It is hello in Swedish, but it works. I got a ticket number and now I wait.

The customer service

It is really good. They both replied swiftly on mail and by phone. They did recommend me to try out the bed for 30 days in order for my body to adapt. I am highly sceptical of this. What if I ran a hotel or had visitors over. They would have a bad time on the bed and not get the time to adjust to the bed.

But I have time so why not give it some more days. They give me 100 days and I can sacrifice some days of not great sleep if for some reason my body starts to love this mattress. I am not really buying it at this point but I will go along. Then at least I tried.






EVE sleep mattress – No sleep…

The First night of no-sleep

So I spent my first night on the Mattress. It was abysmal. It was awful.

Eve sleep mattress is very firm. I sleep mostly on my side and my back. My shoulder hurt when I woke up. My quality of sleep was poor. I kept tossing and turning the whole night.


I am returning this mattress. I will also switch back to my cheap IKEA mattress. However in all fairness I will try one more night on the mattress (mostly because the IKEA mattress sheet is in the washing machine).

My recommendation

I can not recommend this mattress on a general basis. It is not soft at all nor does it mold to your body. If you sleep on your belly and you prefer a very firm bed, then this is the bed for you. If you like soft mattresses this mattress will not be comfortable and I highly recommend spending money on a more expensive mattress from a proper mattress brand.

I know I will. And it is going to be way more expensive, and way softer but my sleep is going to be way better.×200-cm-rammeoppsett-all-inclusive




Eve Sleep Mattress – Norway version

You might have seen the ads on Facebook, but you have the same question as everyone else. Is it any good?

I have been looking to buy a new bed for 3 months now. I have been to several bed stores and looked at several beds. I have laid in them for a long time and relaxed in the store.

If Eve can deliver the same quality as a 20.000NOK ($2500) mattress then Eve is cheap. If not you are just fooling your self. When you are investing in a bed then you would want the best mattress at the best price. Emphasis on best mattress.

So how is Eve?


It was delivered two days early. That is good (and bad). They just ring the bell and you have to be home and prepared. If you are not then there is lots of logistics around picking it up from the UPS point.

The mattress came in a box that seems like it is too small. It was impossible to take it out from that box. I had to use a heavy duty knife to open the box. Be carefull not to damage the mattress! Also, in Norway we speak Norwegian and English. Not German.

The mattress cover is perfectly aligned in the edges, but that is not really a problem.


First impression:

Big mattress, thicker than the IKEA mattress I had. After sleeping on IKEA for more than 8 hours my back would be sore and it is painful. However it is cheap.

Eve is not soft! Not at all. Not compared to my real frame mattress bed. Eve is firm and there is a hint of memory foam as you sink in. I like soft beds and I was very disappointed. Eve is among the firmer foam mattresses.


The first night:

Tomorrow I will write more about the first night of sleep.

However, I am sceptical. My first impression is not good at all. I like soft mattresses and I expect to be disappointed.

Firmware Upgrade Worx Landroid

What is the first thing you need to do when buying a brand new robot mower?

-Upgrade firmware of course!

It actually runs smother around the edges with the new update!

It was easy to download the firmware at all you need is the serial. You can find that under the lid on a small removable sticker. I recommend that you remove the sticker and put it in your garage or so.

One you have downloaded the firmware put it on a FAT 32 USB stick and go out to your robot mower.

Flip it around and unscrew the 4 screws protecting the battery and find the usb here:

landroid usb

Now simply insert your usb stick and flip your robot back over


Turn it on and firmwareupdate will start automatically.


It will tell you in some seconds to remove the USB. Just flip the robot back over and remove the USB key and screw the plastic case back over the battery with the 4 screws.


Now just wait a second and you are done.


And I highly recommend doing this as the droid works way better around the edges than before.


The unit was super cheap at Coop Obs bygg. Only 5990kr all cables and pegs included.

Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 Education Edition Intune Enrollment

Here is a video of how long time it takes to unbox, clean and setup a Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 Education and enroll it into Intune.

To enter Surface UEFI press  pwr on and hold volume up. Release pwr button once you see the device turns on. Keep holding the volume up untill you se the UEFI.

Please keep in mind that these test are real life and include some lag typing in email and passwords plus some clicking. This would be a realistic scenario. This even Includes MFA on enrollment.

Here is a summary of the times:

  • Wipe drive and clean to OOBE – 16 min 57 sec
  • OOBE to Windows – 2 mins 34 sec

Tech specs:

  • 8Gig Ram
  • 256 Gig SSD
  • Intel Pentium I5
  • Windows 10 Education 1607
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)

Here are the configurations in WICD:

settings clean

Here is the complete video:

Clean install with WICD

OOBE to Windows

Other tests on EDU devices:

HP X360 Education Edition

Lenovo N23 Education Edition

Acer B118 Spin Education Edition

Acer B118 Spin Education Edition Intune Enrollment

Here is a video of how long time it takes to unbox and setup a Acer B1 Spin with Windows 10 Education and enroll it into Intune.

To enter Acer UEFI press F2 – Here you can enable the F12 Boot menu which is disabled by default.

Here is a summary of the times:

  • Wipe drive and clean to OOBE – 22 min 52 sec
  • OOBE to Windows – 3 mins 31 sec
  • Switch user – 46 sec

Tech specs:

  • 4 Gig Ram
  • 64 Gig SSD
  • Intel Celeron 1,4 GHZ
  • Windows 10 Education 1607
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD)

Here are the configurations in WICD:

settings clean

Here is the complete video:

Clean install with WICD

OOBE to Windows

New user switch

Other tests on EDU devices:

HP X360 Education Edition

Lenovo N23 Education Edition

*Updated Comparison draft Intune enrollment with Education Devices

Here is the comparison chart for the new Education Devices from HP, Lenovo and Acer.

UPDATED: Surface Pro 4

This should illustrate how long time it takes for a student to setup his PC. On Wipe drive i used WICD, On Intune Enrollment I typed the email and waited for MFA. The actual clean logon without user intervention is much faster. On the new user switch, the device was not prepared with Setup My School PC for true multi user. The time it takes is for Windows to prepare a loaner PC or allow a student to borrow another PC in a 1-1 scenario


HP X360

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

 Surface Pro 4surface pro 4 education
Wipe drive and clean to OOBE  21 min 21 sec  26 min 21 sec  22 min 52 sec  16 min 57 sec
OOBE to Windows  4 min 7 sec  4 min 46 sec  3 min 31 sec  2 min 34 sec
Switch to new user  34 sec  56 sec  46 sec
Specs Intel Pentium 4/128 Intel Celeron 4/64 Intel Celeron 4/64  Intel Core i5 8/256

Note that during the OOBE and user switching i actually typed in information, hence the benchmark is subject to my typing speed.

Here are the individual tests:

HP x360 EE

Lenovo N23

Acer B118 Spin

Surface Pro 4

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